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Improve Managerial Performance through Practice Based Learning at EIUBS

For Life Changing Management Education
Professional Character development through EIUBSProfessional Character
Development of Managerial Ability with EIUBSManagerial Ability
Development of Critical Analytical Thinking with Data Analytics CourseCritical Analytical Thinking
Courses and Programs
  • Data Analytics Training with EIUBS
  • Financial Management Courses EIUBS
  • Data analytics courses with EIUBS
Top Course offerings: Data Analytics and Decisions, Data Organization,Reporting and Analysis, Application of Probability theory to Business decision making, Application of Optimization Techniques To Business Decision Making, Business Forecasting

Practical Business Management

At EIUBS, learn to manage business by using sound decision making processes and leveraging structured methods and technology in management. Management capability is critical for:
  • Joining large corporations
  • Entrepreneurs starting and growing their business
  • Growing one's Family Business and spanning across continents

Online Masters Level Courses

  • Highly illustrative online study material
  • Business application cases based practice work
  • Tutoring support through Video Conferences
  • Networking with peers through Video Conferences

Business Needs of Professional Managers

  • Capable of performing managerial tasks with minimum supervision
  • Able to manage using structured methods and technology
  • Highly specialized training in subject areas and domains

Professional Education

Three to six months Programs
  • Class-room based
  • Week-end / Evening or Full-time / Residential Programs
Highly specialized programs
  • Business Analytics and Data Warehousing
  • Financial Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Family Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship

EIUBS Education

Our education is highly practice based enabling participants to perform specialized managerial tasks with professional competence.

The focus of our education is to develop managers using three pillars:
  • Professional Character
  • Critical Analytical Thinking
  • Critical Managerial Ability in the area of chosen specialization

Distinctive Features

  • Our participants will deliver superior performance at business
  • We have identified Critical Managerial Abilities (CMAs) for each of our courses and programs; these are competencies without which a manager is not a professional
  • We ensure that every participant develops CMAs before she/he ventures into real world as a professional
  • At the core of our educational processes is practice based learning; this goes much more beyond knowledge delivery
  • We provide exposure to a very wide variety of business situations in different domains through business cases
  • We enable intense discussions on business cases with a view to ‘build-up’ superior decisions in class-room setup or using Video Conference facility
  • Our participants learn to develop best-fit solutions using concepts, structured methods, facts and analytical work
  • Best practice seminars provide opportunity to interact with senior professionals
  • We enable building Professional Character through self-development workshops
  • We have large network of Faculty coming from Academic Institutions and large businesses from all over the world
  • Our learning material is highly illustrative supported by interactive Learning Management System (LMS)
  • We enable continuous improvement through Tutoring support, detailed feed-back and constructive evaluations (quizzes, tests, case studies, projects)
  • State-of-the-art facilities are being created at Pune, India and Brussels, Belgium

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